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Q2 PRO Update: Half Helmet Kit

Recently I reviewed the Scala Rider Q2 Pro Bluetooth headset. My wife and I both wear half helmets and that was a problem when using the Q2. The Bluetooth unit would attach to the helmet okay, and you could position the microphone properly, but the speakers were in the helmet above your ears and made the whole thing very difficult. Cardo Systems, maker of Q2, has just announced a solution for half helmets. I haven't used this kit yet but I thought I would pass along this press release as a FYI. If you have experience with this kit, let me know what you think.

Review: Scala Rider Q2 MultiSet PRO

The Scala Rider Q2 PRO uses Bluetooth technology to wirelessly connect the rider with the passenger with intercom communication. The Q2 will also connect rider to rider, mobil phone and GPS Bluetooth devices.


My wife also likes to ride and riding together is one thing that we can do and really have fun. And because it's so hard to communicate with all the noise, we never have any arguments when we are riding, smile.

So how do we communicate? Well our first communication takes place right when are ready to take off. Engines running, I'm watching the traffic, Irina is settling in on the back, and when Irina gives me a quick double pat on my right shoulder she is telling me that she is ready to go, And, when the traffic breaks, away we go.