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Q2 PRO Update: Half Helmet Kit

Recently I reviewed the Scala Rider Q2 Pro Bluetooth headset. My wife and I both wear half helmets and that was a problem when using the Q2. The Bluetooth unit would attach to the helmet okay, and you could position the microphone properly, but the speakers were in the helmet above your ears and made the whole thing very difficult. Cardo Systems, maker of Q2, has just announced a solution for half helmets. I haven't used this kit yet but I thought I would pass along this press release as a FYI. If you have experience with this kit, let me know what you think.


Cardo Systems Announces Launch of Accessory Kit for Motorcycle Riders Wearing Half-Helmets Enables Communication and Entertainment Benefits of the scala rider Bluetooth Headsets for Half-Helmet Wearers

PITTSBURGH, PA (April 26th, 2011) - Cardo Systems, Inc., the world’s market leader in wireless Bluetooth communications for helmet headsets, announced today the availability of its new Audio & Microphone Kit for Half-Helmets.

The audio kit is an accessory for use with the company’s line of scala rider® Q2™ MultiSet PRO, Q2™ MultiSet,  Q2™ PRO, Q2™,  and TeamSet™ PRO  and TeamSet™ Bluetooth enabled rider-to-rider communication headsets. These products are designed to comfortably fit riders who use nearly all brands of half-helmets when riding their motorcycles.  The kit attaches in minutes and offers secure fastening to the straps of the helmet using the patent pending method.

Each kit also contains two sets of ultra-slim speakers, a single speaker and dual speakers, that

plug into a standard 3.5 mm audio headphone jack, along with ear curtains, and microphone sponges. Similar to other Cardo Systems audio kit products, this kit also includes a 3.5 mm audio input jack to quickly plug into various music devices.

“Our Audio and Microphone Kit for Half-Helmets is proof of our commitment to motorcycle riders” said Abraham Glezerman, CEO of Cardo Systems, Inc. “We offer motorcyclists who utilize half-helmets to experience the amazing audio quality and long-range capabilities of our scala rider headsets.  Our kit makes available the unparalleled safety and convenience of headsets for an ever expanding audience of motorcycle enthusiasts. ”

The new Audio & Microphone Kit for Half-Helmets is now available through select distributors, retail outlets, specialty motorcycle shops, and directly from the Cardo Systems web site at


What I like about this kit (judging from the photo only) is that it looks like you can still get all the benefits from a half helmet without any of the downside of adding all of this intercom stuff to the helmet. I ride a lot on city streets around townand one reason why I like my half helmet so much as it seems like it's very easy put it on and off without a whole lot of rigmarole. What is rigmarole?  Well, the dictionary defines rigmarole as "a complex and sometimes ritualistic procedure." Keep it simple and keep the rubber side down.

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  1. You must have gotten lucky because the headsets that I just bought are going back to the vendor. These things are junk, pure and simple. I bought the Q2 Pro Multi-Set to replace the analog system on our 1991 Yamaha Venture Royale. Boy was that a mistake.

    First off, we could not keep either of our iPhones or my 4th generation iPod touch paired to the head sets.

    Second, when either head set was paired to one of our iDevices, audio streaming would work as long as we did not use the intercomm. When we used the intercomm, audio streaming was stopped and would not resume unless I un-paired and re-paired the headset to a phone or iPod.

    Third, the wind noise was not only distracting, it was actually deafening. At any speed above 15 MPH, these headsets are totally worthless.

    Another fault is that you cannot share your music with another headset, and this is something we have become accustomed to when we are riding our Venture Royale.

    The bottom line is, to heck with Bluetooth and digital audio. I’m staying with wires and analog…

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