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zippy OK, BB King calls his guitar "Lucille" and we all know Kevin Costner played a character named "Dances with Wolves"  The story is that the "Dances with Wolves" name came from what he was doing the first time they saw him. Cool. But what about naming your motorcycle? Using that "first time I saw it" logic, I guess I would name my motorcycle "Sitting in the Showroom Looking Cool" or maybe "Plop You Butt Down Here, Big Boy". Naw, too long, how about "Unaffordable" or "Dream On, Alice"?A lot of folks name their motorcycle and I have completed a totally unscientific web search on motorcycle names and I now have the results here to share with you.

Female names seems to be the most popular but I didn't see any Mary's or Blanche's or Cynthia's. I did see a Betsy. They always were named by male owners and they ran towards the exotic like Mona, Natasha and even Katrina. I can only guess what female bike owners would name their bikes. Maybe Antonio, Clint or Brad. Or even the more exotic Spike.

Let's move on.

I ran across a bike named "Runt" by a screen name "Road Momma" who rides a Suzuki Boulevard. There was another one named "Grunt". (If these two bikes were parked together they would be "Grunt Runt" or "Runt Grunt", groan.)

The bike's color seems to spawn some names;

  • Black Betty
  • Mighty Whitie (What about Tighty Whitie?)
  • Pearl
  • "Cherry Bud". He is Black Cherry Pearl and my best friends bike is named "Stud", so its Bud and Stud....Girly thing...

Or for the more metaphysical riders, I found;

  • MONGO, conqueror of the universe!!
  • Rhiannon... Celtic goddess of the moon and inspiration, the enchanting fairy princess who rode so swiftly no horseman could catch her...
  • Thunderchild
  • The Hell B1tch
  • Mr. Breeze II

Or how about;

  • "Piglet" - cause she's the smallest hawg....
  • "Stupid Thing". Mostly because that is what my wife calls it. "Are you riding that Stupid Thing again??
  • "Chips", like the TV show (groan again)

Or for the more hardcore or colorful bikers;

  • Stinky
  • Dogbreath
  • Sidewinder
  • Deadbeat
  • Snotface
  • Ratso

While most of these names are not what I would call my bike, I am sure that they are names that mean a lot to the respective bike owners.

One thing you have to watch out for is inadvertently calling your motorcycle a name which you really don't want to end up with. Just like "Betelgeuse" if you say it three times, you are stuck with it. Next thing you know your co-workers are asking you if you did anything special over the weekend and you tell them that "Yeah, me and the wife took a ride on 'The Vibrator' and had a great time." Not good.

What do I call my bike? You mean instead of motorcycle or bike as in "Come on babe, let's take a ride on the motorcycle?" Well, to be honest, after this research, I am now thinking of calling my bike "Zippy" or "Zipper".

What the hell, it's better than "Tighty Whitie".

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  1. Good topic because a couple of guys I ride with have named their bikes. I have not done so. If asked what her name is I would respond, “Ole Blue”, since it is blue. I have from time to time named a car in a joking manor. I guess this comes from people in the boating world since most people with big boats have a name printed on the rear of the boat.

  2. I named my YZFR1 Rachael.

  3. The kids’ bikes are “Fitty” (CRX) and “Chicken Chaser” (YSR). Mine is the Time Machine (2000 F4) and Hubby’s is Speedy (Speed Triple). Haven’t named our new acquisition yet… (86 GSXR1100). I came here looking for inspiration. I’m glad others are as.. um.. attached to our bikes as we are.

  4. I just learned to ride and my starter bike is a Honda Rebel 250 – I named him King Put. No the fastest bike on the road!

  5. I have a friend who’s white F800GS is named Chance after the Long Rangers horse. I had a very troublesome ’88 sportster that my sister nicknamed “the Brat” and that stuck. My mother named her bike Belle because she picked it up in Bell View. My sister had a Harley with a custom black paint job that was called The Black Pearl.

  6. My old brown Goldwing GL1100 Interstate was named “Heavy Horses”, after the big set working horses the farmers used to use. I thought it was very appropriate due to it’s weight and size, horsepower and color too.

    My current BMW R1100RS is a big twin cylinder, with both cylinders sticking out like heads. Hence, I named it “Orthros”, the two headed mythical hound and brother of Cerberus, who had three heads. Orthros was described as “that most murderous hound” and that sounds pretty menacing. Good name for this bike, I recon.

    My brothers Honda CBR1000 is called “Beasty”. No explanation needed there.

    For me a motorcycle is much more than just transportation. I don’t feel that way for most cars, only some classic cars make it that far (a MGB GT I once drove for instance).

  7. I name my 2002 Roadstar “Freedom” plain and simple.

  8. I named mine after a girl I was pursuiting once. Marie. If you name it after a female. Don’t do an ex or a girl you are dating. Because that could end and then you’ll have a bike with a crummy ex nn me that always reminds you of her. So do like a crush or a hot actress name. My bike is a ’12 yamaha r6. Her full name is Yummii Marie. Yummii is from a cool youtube channel a dude that ride a r6 and yeah marie ( I already to u) so yeah. :)

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