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Thank you for buying my book.

Click on this link, Motorcycle Rider Basics to immediately download your PDF copy of my book.

I want you to be happy with your purchase. If you should experience any problems downloading the e-book after purchase or if you should have any questions about the book, please email me at: I will work to resolve the problem right away.

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  1. Bought the book because I hadn’t ridden in awhile and wanted to catch.

    The book looks good with the one exception about not buying a Sportster.

    Actually the first bike I bought was a KZ 440 which was okay for street riding but on the freeway. Not so good.

    True smaller bikes are good for rider ed and puttering around on a parking lot but as far as stability at freeway or highway speeds fugetaboutit!

    Thus you should recommend that the rider of a smaller bike stick to streets and back roads until he, she gets a bigger bike for the freeway.

    Moral of the story after I upgraded to a Harley I was no longer being blown around like a leaf after being passed by a big truck or SUV on the freeway.

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