Motorcycle Rider Basics

I Love my Motorcycle!

I love my wife (she's the one), I love my life (I'm a happy guy), but I really, really love my motorcycle.

Every single time I get on my motorcycle I get energized. Even before I start the engine, just rolling it out of the garage, switching on the ignition and putting it in neutral, gets my juices going. When I hit the ignition and the engine roars to life, it's like my own engine just started up. I get so excited I have to just sit there for a few moments and enjoy the feeling. After I take off and head down the street, I become so immersed in the thrill of riding that I almost feel the motorcycle has become a part of me.

Famous Geezers who ride!

180px-Lawrence_of_Arabia_Brough_Superior_gif Famous Geezers are baby boomers or older than baby boomers, famous and infamous, whenever I hear about some old person who is famous and rides a motorcycle, I get one of those half-smiles. You know, the one that says "But of course!"

But of course it is only natural that someone who has become an icon (and survived to become a living baby boomer or older) amongst us mortals, should ride a motorcycle. But of course!

Thinking About Buying a Motorcycle: Boomers on Wheels or in Mid-Life Crisis

"Driving along you notice the graybeard motorcycle rider in the lane next to you. The wind is blowing his beard back and you can see the wrinkles on his face. You figure he must be fifty or sixty years old. It gets you thinking..."

Well hello, here's another one of my articles which I wrote for the Aging Hipsters web site. Aging Hipsters is the place for baby boomer trends, research, comment and discussion of and by people born from 1946 - 1964. Very Cool...Check It Out!

Naming Your Motorcycle

zippy OK, BB King calls his guitar "Lucille" and we all know Kevin Costner played a character named "Dances with Wolves"  The story is that the "Dances with Wolves" name came from what he was doing the first time they saw him. Cool. But what about naming your motorcycle? Using that "first time I saw it" logic, I guess I would name my motorcycle "Sitting in the Showroom Looking Cool" or maybe "Plop You Butt Down Here, Big Boy". Naw, too long, how about "Unaffordable" or "Dream On, Alice"?

Baby Boomers Ride Again!

FG 6-15-08 A couple of years ago I was the local Harley shop checking out the new bikes. I was talking to a salesman, an older guy, whose sales technique was very laid back. He was not pushy, just giving me information. Just the kind of salesman that I like.

We were going from bike to bike and he was telling me about the pros and cons of each different model. When we came to a new Wide Glide, he commented that he has been riding this particular motorcycle back and forth to work every day for the last week.

Are you a Dangerous Motorcycle Rider?

MPj04006800000[1] Motorcycle safety is deadly serious. Imagine going outside, putting on your helmet,  leather jacket, boots and gloves and then instead of getting on your motorcycle, run across your front yard and when you reach the curb, leap up into the air and land in the street on your chest. (No, no, you goof, don't actually do it, just imagine doing it.)

Too Old to Ride? Who says so?

Oldster Three years ago, I was leaving the local Harley shop (Rocklin Harley) here in California. I stopped to admire an unusual Harley. I think it was a Royal Glide or Electra Glide, a big bagger with all of the goodies. It was all white and pink, bike, seat and saddlebags, all white and pink. Interesting, not my style, but someone had put a lot of effort (money) into setting it up this way. It was in a customer parking spot.