Motorcycle Rider Basics

Best Beginner Motorcycles: So what kind of bike should I buy to start?

EasyRider SAC 2007_117 This only applies to someone who wants to ride a cruiser, specifically, a Harley cruiser. All of you BMW and sport bike folks can just move onto the next interesting post.

The 7 Deadly Sins of Motorcycling

clip_image0021) LOST FOCUS — You are not in a car. You cannot afford to go ten miles daydreaming about your sweetie or your job or anything else but the task at hand. Stay focused on riding. I cannot say enough about this. It can be a life and death mistake!

2) NO ALCOHOL, NO DRUGS, NEVER — 50% of all motorcycle fatalities are alcohol or drug related. You need all of your senses to be in full working condition when you ride. No exceptions.

Ride Within Your Ability

FG Riding Statistically, a lot of motorcycle accidents are lone rider accidents. No car involved, just a lone rider crashing. Riding beyond your ability results in things like;

Overshooting the curve because you came in too fast and are unable to correct without going down. You end up on the wrong side of the road riding right into the traffic or off the edge of the road.

Inexperienced at splitting lanes and just generally riding too aggressive for your skill level can bring you down in traffic with disastrous results.

Motorcycle Safety: They Can’t Hit You If You’re Not There

clip_image002Well, Duh Frank, of course they can’t hit you if you're not there but I have to ride in the real world and they are there, all of the time. I share the road with cars, trucks, buses, bicycles and anything else that happens along.

I understand, but what I mean is to keep yourself (and your bike) positioned out of the danger zone. You always have choices.

It's the same as riding too close to the car in front of you. If you are too close to the car in front of you and that car makes a sudden stop, you are going to hit it.

If you ride in blind spots, you are going to increase your "close calls" and eventually, get hit by a vehicle whose driver didn't see you there.

Are you a Dangerous Motorcycle Rider?

MPj04006800000[1] Motorcycle safety is deadly serious. Imagine going outside, putting on your helmet,  leather jacket, boots and gloves and then instead of getting on your motorcycle, run across your front yard and when you reach the curb, leap up into the air and land in the street on your chest. (No, no, you goof, don't actually do it, just imagine doing it.)

Mistake #2: Don’t Buy A Sportster

Ouch Why not? I like the Harley Sportster. It's relatively inexpensive and it has all of the Harley good stuff. Power, hot looks and the Harley sound. Potato, Potato, Po-ta-to, I can hear it now, I love it!

Hey, I'm with you, I bought a Sportster and I loved it, for the first couple of months. But after about three or four thousand miles I started to focus in on the shortcomings.

Ten Beginning Rider Mistakes

Ouch Everyone makes mistakes. Motorcycle riders make some deadly  mistakes. As a beginner or re-entry rider, here is my list of the top mistakes you must avoid making. Some are safety related, some are gear and some are money, all of them are real.

Put the Kickstand Down!

Ouch This sounds like it is right out of the Jerry Springer show, "Motorcycle Riders Who Forgot to Put The Kickstand Down." Whenever you hear about this phenomenon, it is always couched with the opening phrase, "I knew a guy who..." because forgetting to put the kickstand down is way beyond embarrassing.