Motorcycle Rider Basics

Thinking About Buying a Motorcycle: Boomers on Wheels or in Mid-Life Crisis

"Driving along you notice the graybeard motorcycle rider in the lane next to you. The wind is blowing his beard back and you can see the wrinkles on his face. You figure he must be fifty or sixty years old. It gets you thinking..."

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Naming Your Motorcycle

zippy OK, BB King calls his guitar "Lucille" and we all know Kevin Costner played a character named "Dances with Wolves"  The story is that the "Dances with Wolves" name came from what he was doing the first time they saw him. Cool. But what about naming your motorcycle? Using that "first time I saw it" logic, I guess I would name my motorcycle "Sitting in the Showroom Looking Cool" or maybe "Plop You Butt Down Here, Big Boy". Naw, too long, how about "Unaffordable" or "Dream On, Alice"?

Baby Boomers, Motorcycles, Fun & Safety

“You’ll kill yourself on that damn motorcycle!” I remember my mother’s words. And today?...

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