Motorcycle Rider Basics

Time To Go Ridin’ In The Rain

rain When it starts raining on your ride, three things happen;

a) Tires will have less traction

b) Vision is impaired

c) You will get wet

All three of these things are going to happen no matter what you do. Your option is to A) either hide out in a coffee shop or under an overpass until it stops raining or B) just deal with it.

Start At The Beginning: Basic Rider Course

MSF There are a lot of different courses available and they vary from state to state. They may be sponsored by different government agencies. The one you will hear about the most is the MSF course. MSF stands for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. When someone starts talking about the “Motorcycle Course” this is usually what they are talking about.

Couldn’t Pour ‘What’ Out Of My Boots?

bootclassicengineerbikerboot1440m I see riders wearing tennis shoes everyday and I am always amazed. Penny loafers, slaps and dress shoes just do not have any place in your protective equipment inventory. I have even seen people riding bare foot. I mean, how do you even shift? That must be brutal. So, in my book, what goes on your feet is a pair of boots. It is not a question of “if” it is a question or “what type” of boots.