Motorcycle Rider Basics

Are you a Dangerous Motorcycle Rider?

MPj04006800000[1] Motorcycle safety is deadly serious. Imagine going outside, putting on your helmet,  leather jacket, boots and gloves and then instead of getting on your motorcycle, run across your front yard and when you reach the curb, leap up into the air and land in the street on your chest. (No, no, you goof, don't actually do it, just imagine doing it.)

Motorcycle Seats: Have a seat, have a great seat! Part II

In the first part of this post, I talked about the mechanics of the seat. Now lets take a look at the comfort, which is a pretty important part of the seat discussion (Oh you think, Frank?). Soft is not necessarily comfortable. It's a great looking seat and it feels very soft and comfortable sitting there in the shop. Two hundred miles later, your rear end is talking to you and it's not saying what you want to hear. "Come on Frank, give me a break! This seat is killing me!"

Motorcycle Seats: Have a seat, have a great seat! Part I

What's the big deal on a seat? A seat is a seat, sit down and go. This is what I thought and it is what a lot of riders think.

I have found out that the seat can really make a significant difference in your riding enjoyment and in this post I am going to tell you all about your options.