Motorcycle Rider Basics

Riding Too Safe can be Dangerous!

We have all been behind the proverbial "little old lady" doing 45 mph in the freeway fast lane. She is like a rock, hanging in there, while the 80 mph stream of cars pass her on the right. Or how about the motor scooter rider who is driving on the shoulder of the road in the bike lane? I cringe whenever I see that and I see more and more of that everyday.

Too Old to Ride? Who says so?

Oldster Three years ago, I was leaving the local Harley shop (Rocklin Harley) here in California. I stopped to admire an unusual Harley. I think it was a Royal Glide or Electra Glide, a big bagger with all of the goodies. It was all white and pink, bike, seat and saddlebags, all white and pink. Interesting, not my style, but someone had put a lot of effort (money) into setting it up this way. It was in a customer parking spot.

Mistake #2: Don’t Buy A Sportster

Ouch Why not? I like the Harley Sportster. It's relatively inexpensive and it has all of the Harley good stuff. Power, hot looks and the Harley sound. Potato, Potato, Po-ta-to, I can hear it now, I love it!

Hey, I'm with you, I bought a Sportster and I loved it, for the first couple of months. But after about three or four thousand miles I started to focus in on the shortcomings.

Street Vibrations – Getting There

Reno-sm Tuesday, September 23, 2006 --- It was warm and sunny when we (my wife and me) left out home in Sacramento on Saturday morning heading for the Reno Street Vibrations motorcycle event. This was out first out-of-town ride on our new 2006 HD Wide Glide and we were pumped up as we got on Interstate 80 with the other zillion motorcycles heading for Reno.

Ten Beginning Rider Mistakes

Ouch Everyone makes mistakes. Motorcycle riders make some deadly  mistakes. As a beginner or re-entry rider, here is my list of the top mistakes you must avoid making. Some are safety related, some are gear and some are money, all of them are real.

Put the Kickstand Down!

Ouch This sounds like it is right out of the Jerry Springer show, "Motorcycle Riders Who Forgot to Put The Kickstand Down." Whenever you hear about this phenomenon, it is always couched with the opening phrase, "I knew a guy who..." because forgetting to put the kickstand down is way beyond embarrassing.